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Scan455Extract from an article on Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, developmental trauma and internal working models, procedural actions and mindful exploration of present moment experiences during therapy by Pat Ogden at:

(PDF) Ogden Wisdom of the Body, Lost and Found – The Meadows –…/Trauma…/P_Ogden

‘Influenced by Kurtz, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy uses a specific clinical “map” for the purpose of inquiring into the direct moment-by moment internal experience of working models. In the clinical hour, the therapist attends both to following the client’s narrative or “story,” and tracking present-moment internal experience — emotions, thoughts, five-sense perception, movements and body sensations– that emerge spontaneously in the therapy hour. These five elements comprise the present-moment internal experience of every waking moment but often occur outside of awareness and become the focal points of mindful exploration and change in the therapy hour (cf. Ogden, Minton & Pain 2006). Instead of conversation in a therapy hour, present moment experience become targets of mindful exploration. In particular, procedural actions can be inroads into their working models and the troubled early histories that shaped them. The automaticity of physical actions are interrupted by becoming mindful of them, and by doing so, the client can identify, rather than identify with, working models and self-states (Ogden et al 2006). Importantly, unlike most mindfulness disciplines, mindfulness is integrated with and embedded within what transpires moment-to-moment between therapist and client, rather than taught through structured exercises or practices (Ogden, in press)…’


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