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Diane Poole Heller’s ‘kind eyes’ exercise at:

‘Imagine you are looking out into the world and seeing kind eyes looking back at you. What happens when you see kind eyes in and around your eyes, your body, your emotional state?’ Diane Poole Heller suggests we ‘just take a moment to feel what’s arising. Whatever is there is fine. You can track your emotions or thoughts, the sensations, images, the body’s reaction, the nervous system. And when you find an okay place to land, give yourself a moment to transition into opening your eyes when you are ready!’

And a poem by Mary Oliver  –  Breakage

 I go down to the edge of the sea.

How everything shines in the morning light!

The cusp of the whelk,

the broken cupboard of the clam,

the opened, blue mussels,

moon snails, pale pink and barnacle scarred—

and nothing at all whole or shut, but tattered, split,

dropped by the gulls onto the gray rocks and all the moisture gone.

It’s like a schoolhouse / of little words, / thousands of words.

First you figure out what each one means by itself,

the jingle, the periwinkle, the scallop / full of moonlight.

Then you begin, slowly, to read the whole story.

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