Let us step outside for a moment by May Sarton

As the sun breaks through clouds / And shines on wet new fallen snow, / And breathe the new air.

So much has died that had to die this year. / We are dying away from things. / It is a necessity—we have to do it

Or we shall be buried under the magazines, / The too many clothes, the too much food

We have dragged it all around / Like dung beetles / Who drag piles of dung

Behind them on which to feed, / In which to lay their eggs

Let us step outside for a moment / Among ocean, clouds, a white field, / Islands floating in the distance

They have always been there. / But we have not been there. / We are going to drive slowly

And see the small poor farms, / The lovely shapes of leafless trees / Their shadows blue on the snow

We are going to learn the sharp edge / Of perception after a day’s fast / There is nothing to fear.

About this revolution / Though it will change our minds / Aggression, violence, machismo

Are fading from us / Like old photographs / Faintly ridiculous……………….

Already there are signs. / Young people plant gardens / Fathers change their babies’ diapers / And are learning to cook

Let us step outside for a moment  / It is all there / Only we have been slow to arrive / At a way of seeing it

Unless the gentle inherit the earth / There will be no earth

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