Spring cleaning

Over the weekend I allotted a little time to do some spring cleaning, and also tried to fit in other activities, and so I did not have time to create the audio I had intended to make. I even got round to doing a little weeding in the garden, some throwing out of old articles, recycling of a few books, and I also went to the cinema because I like stories. Actually, I think I am a sucker for a good story. We watched an interesting multi themed film, The Professor and the Madman starring Mel Gibson and Sean Penn, with some powerful acting and scenes.

I also took some time to reflect on politics and spirituality because…..

Even though I have distanced myself from party politics over the years, I still think that politics are important because from one perspective everything, including the private is political. Our personal experience and larger socio-political structures are interconnected and interdependent more than we are usually aware of. Local and national elections are approaching, and so I reflected on both the necessity to vote and what a ‘good enough’ vote decision for the better good both locally and nationally could look like. If power is also diffuse, embodied, discursive and enacted rather than just concentrated and possessed by some, the act of voting allows for some level of exercising power and shaping the ways of things.

Early spiritual wounding and cultural conditioning and my awakening process required I explore this field, a processing, healing and expanding through exposure experience, but I sort of went down a rabbit hole, as I over indulged in acquiring information, while neglecting other things. The lesson learnt is that I still tend to ignore the dash board of my body., often brushing aside bodily knowledge and intuitive knowing, which are always available.

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