Trauma, climate change and environmental crisis…

As mentioned in previous posts transmission of trauma occurs through multiple routes and trauma is woven into the fabric of our collective and our personal lives to one degree or another. The aftereffects of unmetabolized traumatizing events can determine outcomes, behaviours and health many decades after the occurrence of events both at a personal and collective level. But this reality is embedded within an even greater container: that of the wounds we humans have been inflicting on the planet that sustains us. We have in some sense become so alienated from ourselves and nature that we fail to grasp the simple truth that plundering and contaminating the living organism we are part of is self destructive and it endangers the lives of our children and all those to come after us. We also fail to realise that a sick eco system impacts the well being, health, longevity and sustainability of its parts. We are all part of this living organism and we all swim in the same toxic lake, and thus, we are all impacted to some extent or other. We also can no longer buy into the myth that we will never run out of resources. Even if we deny the reality of this threat, the fear of environmental catastrophes and extinction is bound to enter some level of our awareness as we watch the News and read about natural disasters and climate change. So, our current levels of collective trauma and eco destruction require we move beyond this collective human developmental stage and mature or simply become more human, and this requires self inquiry and efforts to integrate our personal baggage and shift thought paradigms and habits, but also the creation of social discourse and spaces to heal, integrate our experiences and awaken to reality, in community, as well as, action to stop further destruction, reverse if possible and replenish the Earth.

Notes from the Collective Trauma Online Summit

When society is disembodied it is then easy for people to become detached from their eco system

Climate trauma reflects the split between humans and nature and has become an ongoing, accelerating and ever present experience

No animal will foul its own nest, only humans destroy their home

Trauma is about broken connection to our deepest human essence, our bodies, to other people, reality and the planet

Two short relevant video clips by Dr Gabor Mate on trauma, our alienation from Nature and our own human nature….

Dr Gabor Maté ‘let it out’ 1st Clue about release of trauma at:

Dr Gabor Maté ‘Which Nature Are We?,- 16th clue at:

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