The sparrow that wanted to be free

In 2013 I started working for an outreach programme. I was basically responsible for providing unemployed people with career counseling and tools to facilitate their entering employment again. The work was quite interesting, but after the first few weeks I started experiencing severe constriction in my chest and difficulty breathing, as soon as I got home, even though I would go to work feeling fine every morning.

On one such evening and after I had dozed off for a while I woke up with this short story in my mind, which I wrote down in a journal. The story had made implicit knowing of themes and dynamics available to me, and in retrospect, I understood that it not only contained past and present material, but more interestingly, glimpses of future dynamics and of what lay ahead, and also, reflected a more universal path of resistance and search for freedom. The images were created four years later within the space of a month when I was dismantling another inner wall and opening yet another door.

April 2018