A bilingual post

 It is through language and somatic experiencing that we build walls and it is through presence and embodiment that we can dismantle the barriers and free the words……..

Οι ποιητές μας τραγουδούν / 25/03/2019

Στίχοι του Νίκου Γκάτσου

Εμείς που μείναμε  / θα τρώμε το πρωί μια φέτα από του ήλιου το καρβέλι,  / ένα τσαμπί σταφύλι από τ’ αμπέλι /
και δίχως πια του φόβου το τριβέλι,  / μπροστά θα προχωράμε στη ζωή.
Εμείς που μείναμε  / θα βγούμε μια βραδιά
στην ερημιά να σπείρουμε χορτάρι / και πριν για πάντα  / η νύχτα να μας πάρει / θα κάνουμε τη γη προσκυνητάρι / και κούνια για τ’ αγέννητα παιδιά.

The ‘intersection’ of the personal and the impersonal…..

‘It took me a while to work out and fully grasp that any time anyone decides to embark on healing this potentially opens doors to awakening to a much bigger picture and broader reality than what the system would want people to know or be aware of………………. This experience of connecting, discerning, integrating the many paradoxical at times aspects and threads of the tapestry is a process of awakening to more personal, collective and universal reality………..’ Tonya Alexandri

Some resources for resilience and release of bodily tension

On containing others’ pain and experience by Rick Hanson

‘Let the pain of the other person wash through you. Don’t resist it. Opening your heart, finding compassion – the sincere wish that a being not suffer – will lift and fuel you to bear the other’s pain. We long to feel received by others; turn it around: your openness to another person, your willingness to be moved, is one of the greatest gifts you can offer. To sustain this openness, it helps to have a sense of your own body. Tune into breathing, and steady the sense of being here with the other person’s issues and distress over there. Have heart for yourself as well. It’s often hard to bear the pain of others, especially if you feel helpless to do anything about it. It’s OK if your response is not perfect….’  (Just One Thing)