“The peace we desire is covered up by layers and layers of defenses against the original pain we experienced as children but couldn’t feel or process at the time. “Bethany Webster

Podcast by Bethany Webster, at, whose work is focused on helping women heal the mother wound, since when we ignore it and because it is ‘the most primary and foundational relationships in our lives, we are missing a pivotal opportunity to discover the truth of who we are and to authentically and joyfully live that truth” (Bethany Webster). She discusses what the mother wound is and why healing empowers and liberates us; contextualizes it in broader settings and refers to its three aspects: the personal, the cultural and the spiritual; the ways we replicate our childhood dynamics in our current lives and how we develop a false or less authentic self as a survival strategy; the common painful themes that show up for women like people pleasing, scarcity, low self-worth, deprivation, struggle, guilt, over-doing, denying needs, parentification, playing small, etc; how the mother wound, spirituality, sense of belonging and becoming, as well as, food/body image are tightly interwoven, and finally, how to overcome resistance to looking at the mother wound, and how to begin healing one’s inner child that holds the wounds and the toxic or limiting messaging, the necessity for both internal and external work and the need for a relevant social discourse to be created to remove stigma and taboo since the mother wound could be viewed as existing on a continuum and connected to patriarchal norms and values.

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