‘So whenever you’re in a challenging situation, focus on the end result. Remember your WHY and that will get you through the fear!’ Natalie Ledwell

Sometimes I open an e-mail and an inspiring story warms my heart. One of these stories is from Natalie Ledwell, Australian author, speaker and entrepreneur. It had to do with her trip to Liberia to help children, through her personal growth kids program, become inspirational figures in their community. She herself received a lesson as she confronted her fear of meeting the Minister of Education. She writes:A few days after I got to Liberia, I had the honor of meeting with the Minister of Education to implement personal growth studies, which is my children’s curriculum in Liberia!!! Needless to say, I was VERY nervous to meet him! And while I was sitting in a room waiting to meet with him, I could feel the fear running through my body – so I surrendered to it. In other words, I would allow my body to feel the fear but at the same time I visualized the whole meeting and the outcome I wanted – and that’s what got me through the fear! The truth is, I could’ve stayed in that fearful state and let it get the best of me. But instead, I chose to visualize a positive outcome and I remind myself of my WHY. Why was I there in the first place?  When you’re reminded of the ‘the why’ you’re able to detach yourself from that situation and suddenly the focus is on the end result and not on you. Or, in this case, in the 2 million children who just came out of 40 years of war and wanted to have better lives’.

Part from a poem written by Jeff Foster

‘All your ancestors are holding you now.

And the Earth and all the stars are supporting you.

And our hearts are with you in your struggle.

And you are not alone in this presence, in this moment

Ιn this sacred space called Here & Now.

You are worthy of Life, drenched in Life, supported by Life, full of Life, illuminated by Life, breathed by Life, adored by Life, lived by Life’

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