“As we uncover more about the function of immune tissues and the lifelong consequences of their removal especially during sensitive ages when the body is developing, this will help guide parents and doctors about what treatments they should use.”  (Dr Nerissa Hannink, Melbourne University)

“In some sense I was holding both ends of the skipping rope, but was unable to see the whole rope …..” Tonya Alexandri

Almost seven years ago I took a sort of leap of faith or jump into the void and created this website within a hostile terrain. There were multiple events, and conscious and unconscious forces that instigated the decision at the time. The most salient reasons were my experiences of gas lighting and abuse of power in work and learning contexts. I was also experiencing premenopausal changes, but seeking health care sent me down a deep rabbit hole. This interaction with the health system in midlife had resulted in memories of early surgical experiences and their physiological residue to come to the forefront, but only in retrospect, did I fully understand that our subconscious is wiser and contains way more information than our conscious capacity to process and integrate events. Read more..

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